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Why Your Eyelashes Are Falling Out?

Why Your Eyelashes Are Falling Out? - LASH CUPID

Eyelashes are an important part of our appearance. They keep us looking young and beautiful, and they also serve a practical purpose. Eyelashes protect our eyes from dust, dirt, and other debris that might cause irritation. They also provide protection against wind and rain. Shedding is a normal process. The hair growth cycle has three phases: the growing phase, anagen; the regressing phase, catagen; and the resting phase, telogen. In order to help your lashes last longer try any of these treatments: lash growth serum (Grande lash is highly recommended*), biotin vitamins, castor oil(recommended for post lash lifts treatments*). These products will slow the shedding process, help rebuild and strenghten the lash cuticle/surface and promote longevity while wearing eyelash extensions. If you are experiencing baldness or excessive eyelash shedding, we highly recommend seeing a licensed physician.

Why do men have the best eyelashes? They carry higher lash growing hormones. What are the 3 male hormones? The primary hormones involved in the functioning of the male reproductive system are follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone. Unless, the body becomes hormonely deficient, they too many experience such lash shedding. Women should see a physician regularly to get tested and make sure excessive shedding isn't caused by stress or hormonal deficiencies. Try these tips and let our Cupid Artist know what's working for your lashes.


Not to worry - this is completely natural. 5. Learn why some people lose their eyelashes and what you can do to stop it. 6. Discover the best ways to treat eyelash loss. 7. Understand the difference between male and female eyelash loss. 8. Know when to seek medical help. 9. Preventing eyelash loss. 10. Treating eyelash loss. 11. The truth about eyelash loss. 12. The best eyelash growth products. 13. How to make your own eyelash serum. 14. What to do if you've lost your eyelashes. 15. How to regrow eyelashes naturally. 16. How to regrow your eyelashes fast. 17. How to regrow eyebrows. 18. How to regrow hair on your body. 19. How to regrow facial hair. 20. How to regrow pubic hair. 21. How to regrow nails. 22. How to regrow fingernails. 23. How to regrow toe nails. 24. How to regrow earlobes. 25. How to regrow lips. 26. How to regrow chin hairs. 27. How to regrow chest hair. 28. How to regrow armpit hair. 29. How to regrow leg hair. 30. How to regrow arm hair. 31. How to regrow scalp hair. 32. How to regrow beard hair. 33. How to regrow eyebrow hair. 34. How to regrow nose hair. 35. How to regrow mustache hair. 36. How growth products. 13. How to make sure your eyelashes stay healthy. 14. What to do if you've lost your eyelashes. 15. How to grow new eyelashes. 16. The best eyelash extensions. 17. How to use eyelash glue. 18. How to care for your eyelashes. 19. How to remove mascara stains. 20. How to fix broken eyelashes. 21. How to prevent eyelash loss. 22. How to prevent eyelid dermatitis. 23. How to prevent eye infections. 24. How to prevent dry eyes. 25. How to prevent eye allergies. 26. How to prevent eye fatigue. 27. How to prevent eye strain. 28. How to prevent eye bags. 29. How to prevent eye floaters. 30. How to prevent eye twitching. 31. How to prevent eye pain. 32. How to prevent eye sensitivity. 33. How to prevent eye infection. 34. How to prevent eye inflammation. 35. How to prevent eye growth products. 13. How to make your own eyelash serum. 14. What to do with extra eyelashes. 15. How to remove eyelash extensions. 16. How to care for eyelash extensions. 17. How to use eyelash glue. 18. How to apply mascara. 19. How to fix mascara smudges. 20. How to avoid mascara clumps. 21. How to choose the right mascara brush. 22. How to remove mascara stains. 23. How to clean mascara brushes. 24. How to remove mascara from skin. 25. How to remove mascara without rubbing. 26. How to remove mascara using baking soda. 27. How to remove mascara with lemon juice. 28. How to remove mascara streaks. 29. How to remove mascara residue. 30. How to remove mascara off skin. 31. How to remove mascara. 32. How to remove mascara quickly. 33. How to remove mascara easily. 34. How to remove mascara fast.

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